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Getting Started

AchievAIm is an innovative open-source project that connects with your calendar and other software applications. By utilizing the potential of Generative AI, it helps you transform your abstract ideas into concrete SMART goals.

Who Should Use ACHIEVAIM?

Whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned software developer, this guide offers step-by-step instructions to get you started.


  • CREATE SMART GOALS: Translate your ideas into actionable SMART goals.

  • UTILIZE AI: Harness AI's capability to brainstorm and refine your goals.

  • GET STARTED NOW: No time like the present to align your values and objectives.


See our contributing guide ( for instructions on how to get your development environment setup.


  • SIGN UP & LOG IN: by clicking “Are your Goals Smart yet? Sign up here!”

  • ENTER YOUR DETAILS: Fill in the necessary fields such as email, password, etc.

  • CLICK SIGN UP: This confirms your details and logs you into the system.

  • AFTER SIGN-UP: You will see options to Save, Log Out and, if needed, Delete your account. You can also change your profile details and return to this account page by clicking the settings icon in the navigation bar.

Start Creating A Goal

  • AT THE HOME BUTTON: Locate the pulsing plus button.

  • CLICK IT: This opens a new window for entering your goal details.

Enter Your Goal Details

  • TYPE YOUR GOAL: Enter your desired goal with as much or as little detail as possible.

  • PRESS 'GENERATE': This activates OpenAI API to do the heavy lifting, providing personalized goal suggestions.

Customize Your Goal

  • LOCK OR UNLOCK SUGGESTIONS: Toggle the lock button to save suggestions you like, leaving open the ones you wish to change. When you press generate again different suggestions are generated for you.

  • SET FREQUENCY AND TIMING: Select specific days of the week, time of the day, and any final date if required.

  • REVIEW YOUR GOAL: Make sure everything looks as desired.

Save Your Goal

  • CLICK SAVE: This will make your goals active and viewable in your AchievAIm dashboard.

Editing Goals


  • VIEW ACTIVE GOALS: Go to your dashboard and locate the goal you want to edit.

  • CLICK THE DROP-DOWN CARD: This will reveal detailed information about the selected goal.

Edit Your Goal

  • CLICK THE GOAL TEXT: This opens the editing interface, where you can modify the text, frequency, timing, etc.

  • MAKE NECESSARY CHANGES: Adjust the content to fit your new requirements.

Save Or Delete Your Goal

  • CLICK SAVE: To confirm the changes you made.

  • CLICK DELETE: If you decide to remove the goal entirely.


Creating and editing goals in AchievAIm is an intuitive and user-friendly process. By offering detailed customization options and the integration of AI, it makes goal setting a more dynamic and personalized experience. Whether you are looking to create a new goal from scratch or fine-tune an existing one, AchievAIm provides the tools and flexibility you need to keep your objectives aligned with your values and aspirations. Happy goal-setting!